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Our first November webinar on November 10th was developed by Liz McCadden, who prior to becoming a workers’ compensation attorney worked as a multi-state workers’ compensation adjuster for a national TPA.  She understands the struggle of a multi-state desk and developed this program to keep multi-state adjusters on track in handling cases in PA, NJ and WV.  You can sign up for this program by hitting the box:

Next, on November 15, we are going to address the impact of economic changes on Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.  Be sure to tune in to learn how these difficult times can provide you with opportunities to successfully manage your workers’ compensation claims.  Please hit the box to register:

We are hosting a Pittsburgh Holiday Lunch and Learn on Thursday, December 8, 2022 at Rico’s.  We will introduce the Pennsylvania Wheel of Petitions.  You will get a chance to spin the wheel and learn about what you need to prove to successfully pursue or defend the various workers’ compensation petitions.  Please hit the box to register: